Success Stories

These are some of our many victories

Each client is a challenge for us, with a history and unique objectives. We always try to exceed expectations, to accompany our partners as far as they had not thought to go. That is why brands, companies and institutions continue to bet on us. We appreciate this confidence, and we guarantee that with us, all stories are successful.

Astra Zeneca

An Anglo-Swedish big pharma company, who had an important partner in ADBD in the growth process at the beginning of this millennium: in the positioning of the introduction of generics, alongside patients with prostate cancer or in the fight for resistance to schizophrenia and bipolar diseases, The reputation and reputation of this brand were strengthened in Portugal after the clinical and surgical analysis of ADBD.

Ordem dos Advogados Portugueses

At the beginning of the media era of the Lawyers, and when icons of justice like José Miguel Júdice and, above all, Rogério Alves, prevailed on the stage of every day, it was also with ADBD performance that the Order expanded its intervention role in Portuguese society, becoming a Leader of Opinion in the various themes of the media agenda in Portugal.


Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Sporting Clube de Portugal, Futebol Clube do Porto, Portuguese Football Federation and all the other powerful agents of Portuguese football were united in the elections they finally lost - exclusively because of Mário Figueiredo and ADBD, who picked up everything and All by surprise.

Sporting Clube de Portugal

José Eduardo Bettencourt wanted to win the presidency of Sporting with a large advantadge. And he pointed out that he would always have to have at least 75% of the votes. But the ADBD scored a memorable goal by achieving an impressive result: 91%. It was an impressive win!

Bolo de Chocolate

It started out as a corner in Campo de Ourique. Today is a global brand present in ten countries and four continents! In New York and Brazil it is already a reference. The merit is of its creator, Carlos Braz Lopes, who keeps this recipe in the secret of the gods, leaving us with the certainty that it is the Best Chocolate Cake in the World. We were at the origin of the creation of the brand, the inauguration of new spaces and the strategic consulting of the brand.


Pioneers in marketing the most innovative toys on the market for more than sixty years, Toys'R'Us delivers many dreams and smiles to every child. Playing, and playing, Toys'R'Us has been an ADBD customer for more than ten years. We are proud to have numerous stores across the country, holding various events and developing strategic partnerships for the most complete, attractive and tempting toy brand in the world. Because it's good to be a child forever...


It is the brand of security brands in Portugal. With more than forty years of experience, Prosegur, a Spanish company, chose Portugal to become international and it was in ADBD that it trusted to reinforce its reputation in the market. It is the seventh employer in Portugal, it is the brand of the brands and a reference in the markets. And we know well at ADBD the planispheric value of Prosegur - a partner present in every minute and in every space.


A leader in the sale of stationery and office supplies, Staples has more than 30 stores nationwide. An offer of more than 7,000 products are available for corporate and private consumers. Since the opening of their stores, the launch of products and promotional campaigns, and the brand activation contributed to the expansion of Staples and reinforcement of the brand's reputation in Portugal, in the time of the alliance with ADBD. All original, but with many photocopies.

Cinema City

It is the brand that most affection and trust transmits in cinemas in Portugal. With six rooms available in various areas of the country, going to Cinema City is to live a complete and unique experience, capable of creating new sensations in the viewer. Pride of a family, and it is with pride that we help every day to grow who better and better promote the 7th art among us. Their movies are not to be missed, their events are a success and so are their popcorns!