About ADBD

We are defined by our history

Mission and Values

We are transparent in relation to what we want and what we do: to develop your business, your idea, your messages based on trust and a clear vision of your needs and expectations. We believe in the values that define us, which guide the strategic vision of our team: Talent, Reputation, Influence, Leadership, Deontology and Ethical Behavior. These are the values that we project to our clients, guaranteeing their affirmation. We previlege a model of close and quite proximity operation, with a team for whom the consultancy is a daily activity and permanently monitored, challenging clients to go further in their potential. We are attentive to trends and news, so our customers are always on the front line, offline and online. We work with the most varied sectors: Banking, Health, Consumption and Trademarks, Professional Orders, Industry and Business Associations, Technology.

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At ADBDCommunicare we always believe that we can add value to the business and the objectives of each of our customers. We believe that your reputation and notoriety are a decisive step towards increasing your credibility and achieving your goals. We believe that every moment, every business, every client and every opportunity are always unique.